How Robin Wood Wax Works on Chalk Paint Finishes and Reclaimed Wood

Make clean-up easier with very little effort by using our product!

Robin Wood Wax can go over any chalk paint finish on furniture. All you need is a piece of reclaimed, salvaged or rough wood, the chalk paint brand you prefer in a color you like, some paint brushes, and clear liquid Robin Wood Wax. In a short amount of time, you’ll have painted and protected your new chalk paint finish on rustic furniture.

Benefits of Using Robin Wood Wax

In addition to being used on all chalk paint finishes, our product can be used on existing waxed wood finishes. It works well on rustic and reclaimed furniture made of wood. You can even use it on wood beams and paneling to enhance the patina and grain that was once there.

One bottle consisting of 250ml of wax covers 40 square feet, making it a go-to product for anyone wanting to enhance the beauty of painted reclaimed wood. Using a special wax application brush ensures that you get proper coverage over the entire piece. Applying the wax to the painted surface of the furniture gives the wood a deep sheen.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining it, either. A little water is all it takes to restore the luster. You’re not forced to spend a great deal of time polishing or maintaining the waxed surface of your rustic furniture with the chalk paint finish.

Protecting All of Your Chalk Paint Finished Furniture from Damage

If you want to protect the chalk paint finishes of the wood furniture you’ve purchased or restored, there are things you can do to make the process easier. Among the most effective is to purchase Robin Wood Wax and apply it to the rustic furniture right away. It creates a premium glossy finish that enhances the paint job on coffee tables, side tables, dressers, curio cabinets, entertainment centers, headboards, and even mirrors. It also provides extra protection from everyday wear and tear caused by splintering wood, scratches, and ring marks.