• Shake the bottle weel before use.
  • Squirt wax directly onto surface
  • It has a very low odor
  • Be generous, and don't be afraid to overlap as Robin Wood Liquid Wax will self level as you brush on.
  • Brush with smooth and steady strokes along with the grain.
  • Brush out any "Pools" that may have formed in holes, crevices or cracks.
  • Will self level to cover completely.  All you need to do is let dry!
  • Note: Any future damaged area is totally repairable.  Just touch up.


  • Dries to the touch in 2 Hours.
  • At this time, for superior results, rub lightly once over with extra fine 0000 Steel Wool along the grain. This produces a deeper luster / sheen.
  • Although totally dry in 5 Hours, Robin Wood Liquid Wax continues to cure and will improve over 24 Hours.
  • As it does, so depth and sheen forms, leaving a glossy waxed finish with a nice silky look and feel.
  • Robin Wood Liquid Wax is water based so brushes will easily clean up with water. No polishing or maintenance required.


  • 1 coat required for smooth wood, previously waxed / finished wood or over any chalk paint finishes.
  • 2 coats may be required on very rough wood or raw reclaimed wood for maximum protection and finish.
  • Wait 24 Hours before applying second coat.
  • For the very best results, perform the light rub with steel wool on the second coat.
  • To clean use a slightly damp cloth.
  • Robin Wood Liquid Wax is many times more durable than paste waxes. It is water and heat resistant and no polishing or maintenance is required.